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The Migration from Europe to the US - Passenger Lists

A particular problem in our genealogy, especially when researching the origins of the Eymann/Iman family members in the US, is who, when and from where the ancestors immigrated. It is now well known that most immigrants arrived at Philadelphia, and only much later in New York, and we also know that the emigrants left Europe mostly in Le Havre (originating from Switzerland or the Alsace), or Rotterdam (originating from the Palatinate). For the Alfhausen Eymann's, some of those left through Bremen or Hamburg.

Back in 1997, I could browse through the Emigrants Card File Library of the Institut für pfälzische Geschichte und Volkskunde in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The following table is compiled from taking up these handwritten notes (at that time) [Numbers in square brackets are included for consistency with older versions of my database], later extended by using the Palatine Ships list and the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.

Starting Point
Septemb er 9th 1749
Jakob Eymann, b. 7/17/1725,  m. ca. 1746
"St. Andrew" arriving Philadelphia 9/9/1749. (Passenger List)
Niederrödern near Weißenburg/Elsaß (Wissembourg/Alsa ce)
October 27th 1764
Ulrich Eymann [6], b. 1708 Lohmühle, d. 1765 Lancaster, PA. m1. Maria Fuchs, d. 1757 Germany. m2. 1757 Maria Agathe Essig, b. 1710/1715 Alsenbrück.
Emigrated together with ship "Hero" arriving Philadelphia 10/27/1764. (Passenger List)
Lohmühle, Palatinate
Christian Eymann [62], son of Ulrich Eymann (above)
unknown, emigrated separately ("followed his father soon").
Lohmühle, Palatinate
Lancaster Co., PA, later Conestago Tp., PA.
March 25th 1786
Eymann with unknown surname
unknown (no ship found listed for that date)
Lohnsfeld near Rockenhausen, Palatinate
Pennsylvania "brought Henrich Rhein in Northumberland Co., PA, a book of religious content".
After 1787
Johannes Eymann, m. 1787 Lohmühle to Elisabeth Würtz, b. 1769.
Emigrated after 1787.
Lohmühle, Palatinate
After 1840
Peter Eymann, b. 4/8/1827 in Langmeil, baptized 1840, parents: Christian Eymann and Katharina Franck
Langmeil, Palatinate
June 7, 1845
Jakob Eymann, m1. 11/28/1826 Maria Risser in Biedesheim. Emigrated 1845. m2. 1830/1840) Maria Krehbiel (Father: Christian Krehbiel), b. 07/22/1807 Weierhof. One Child Jakob from second marriage d. 9/4/1839 Biedesheim.
The ship Rockall from Le Havre to New York, June 7, 1845
Biedesheim, Palatinate
May 31st 1845
Elisabeth Eymann [55123], b. 8/19/1826 Biedesheim, daughter of Jakob Eymann and Anna, b. Eymann, m. 3/3/1845 Jakob Risser in Biedesheim (parents: Johann Risser and Katharina Weber).
Emigrated 05/31/1845 from Le Havre, France to USA.
Biedesheim, Palatinate
March 20th 1847
Abraham Eymann [63127], b. 2/11/1829 Langmeil-Alsenbrück, son of Johannes Eymann and Anna Leisy, Wäschbacherhof. Siblings: Anna, Christian, Jakob, Johannes, Peter. .
Emigrated 3/20/1847 to USA. (Source: Bonkhoff: "Die Langmeiler Sekte", Blätter für pfälzische Kirchengeschic hte und religiöse Volkskunde, 45. Jg., 1978, S.56f.)
Langmeil-Alsenbrüc k, Palatinate
April 19th 1847
Peter Eymann, son of Christian Eymann,
emigrated 4/19/1847

Langmeil-Alsenbrüc k, Palatinate
February 27th 1848
Christian Adam Eymann, Baker
emigrated 2/27/1848 (secret, "heimlich") to USA [63128?]
March 1848
Christian Eymann, b. emigrated together with 2 others in March 1848. [63128?].

Wäschbacherhof or Winnweiler, could have lived also Weierhof,
Before 1849
Johannes Eymann [55124], b. 8/3/1829 in Biedesheim, son of Jacob and Anna Eymann.
"Emigrated before 1852"
1849 in Cleveland, Ohio ("worked as a saddler in Cleveland, Ohio"), 1852 in Franklin, Iowa. m. 10/6/1854 in Donnellson, Iowa to Johanna Krehbiel of Albisheim, b. 1/1/1835.
February 22nd 1851
Anna Eymann [63129], b. 12/16/1831 Wäschbacherhof, Jakob Eymann [6312C], Johannes Ey., b. 7/14/1833 Wäschbacherhof, Peter Eymann, b. 4/1/1842 Wäschbacherhof.


August 4, 1852
 A large group of Palatine emigrants, traveling together. The list mentions some Eymann names as acquaintances, but it is not clear to me if they were actually on the ship or if they met and married later.
The ship Samuel M. Fox, from Le Havre to New York

September 27, 1852
Peter Eymann and his family

The ship Havre from Le Havre to New York

August 17, 1872
Gerhard Eymann (travelling alone at age 15(!)) of the Alfhausen family.

The ship Main from Bremen to New York,

After 1874
Peter Eymann, b. 3/6/1861 in Langmeil, baptized 1874
emigrated after 1874

Elisabeth Eymann [631744], baptized 1881
emigrated 1881
"died in USA soon after her arrival". (Source: menn. Kirchenbuch Sembach (A. Ruby, Diedesfeld)
March 12th 1881
Eimann, Christian, b. 23 Mar 1839, age 42, mason, with his sons Paul, b. 15 Mar 1870, age 11 and Christian, b. 15 Mar 1869, age 12.
(Source: Ships Passengers List, Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas)
With Ship "Amsterdam" from Rotterdam to New York, arrived 12 Mar 1881 (Passenger List)

After 1883
Friedrich Eymann, b. 9/20/1869 Lohmühle, baptized Sep 2nd 1883, Vater: Jean Eymann and Barbara Becke.
Emigrated after 1883.

28 Aug 1885
Eymann, Rudolf,b .07 Sep 1844, age 41, farmer, his wife, Johanna, b. 02 Sep 1864,age 21 and their children Anna, b. 29 Aug 1880, age 5, Heinrich, b. 29 Aug 1881, age 4 and Lisa, b. 28 Sep 1884, age 11 months.
(Source: Ships Passengers List, Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas)
With Ship "Salier" from Bremen to New York, arrived: 28 Aug 1885 (Passenger List)

After 1889
Jakob Daniel Eymann b.1/6/1876 Langmeil, baptized 1889,   Parents: Johann Daniel Eymann and Barbara Eymann.
emigrated after 1889.

After 1900
Walter Eymann, b. 1899 Göllheim

occupation: bank clerk, last postal adress was apartado postal 7192, Mexico City, Mexico (invalid since 1978)

January 1911
Eugen Christian Eymann, b. 3/18/1899 Weidenthal, parents: Jakob Christian Eymann and Frieda Kunz, m. 1/1/1925 Los Angeles, CA to Lydia Dirks. 
Emigrated in January 1911
last postal adress: 2624 North 22nd Ave., Phoenix AZ 85009 (invalid since 1974). Children: Eugen Christian Eymann, b. 7/3/1926, Paul Eymann, b. 11/26/1928.
February 1911
Jakob Christian Eymann [631659]., b. 3/7/1872 Langmeil,   parents: Jakob S. Eymann, peasant and Elisabeth K. Graf. m1. 6/3/1897 Heiligenmoschel to Frieda Kunz, m2. 1/10/1910 Weidenthal to Friederike Schmitt. 
Emigrated in February 1911 to USA with wife and 4 Children: Karl Jakob, Eugen Christian, Philipp Hermann, Katharina Elisabeth. 
merchant in Weidenthal
Last postal adress: 1018 East 81th Street, Los Angeles CA 90000 (invalid since 1974).
Returned in 1951 alone to Neustadt/Weinstr .

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