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Links to available books on Swiss and Palatine genealogy and emigration

Julius Billeter (ca. 1900): A collection of Swiss surnames,

Albert B. Faust (1920): Lists of Swiss emigrants in the eighteenth century to the American colonies (1920),

Daniel I. Rupp (1927), A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 ... = Chronologisch geordnete Sammlung von mehr als 30,000 Namen von Einwanderern in Pennsylvanien aus Deutschland, der Schweiz, Holland, Frankreich u. a. St. von 1727 bis 1776 ... (1927):

William J. Krehbiel (1953): History of one branch of the Krehbiel family.

Olga A. Hirschler (1966): The Altleiningen Krebills 1730-1966. A genealogical and historical report.

Many more books can be found at the Family History Books library of the FHL.Searching for Eymann yields the following list:

A noteworthy author is Henry C. Smith (, who was a professor at Goshen College and wrote books on the history of the Mennonites in the US and in general. The link above will lead you to "The Mennonites of America" (1909) and "The Mennonites - A brief history" (1920).

 Of particular interest for me (working in academia), was how many other fellow genealogists have written books about their own Palatine families, and taken text parts to describe historical situations from each other. I am myself guilty (in an earlier post) to have used text from Kraig Ruckel, who very poetically described the situation shortly after 1700, when William Penn came to the Palatinate to hire immigrants for the newly founded Pennsylvania. If you look for the beginning sentence "The winter of 1708-1709 was very long and cold in the Rhineland", you find many websites and books from fellow genealogists:

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